corporate gift under 500 rupees

Don’t worry, be happy. You have to be vigilant while choosing unique corporate gifts under 500 rupees. A combination which is useful and looks good but at the same time presentable, something which is stylish yet compact, something which can be utilised, appreciated in your everyday lifestyle and still worth every penny.

You don’t need to burn a hole in packet. Best of corporate gifts and brands /stores offer Wise gifts within 500/- rupees. When there’s only a limited amount you can spend, every rupee must count.

Certain gifts under 500/- rupees could be Dumbbell water bottle: Water bottle which is of Dumbbell size and shape, adding double benefit keeping you hydrated and fit as well. Plus they look very cute and are affordable. You don’t need to buy another pair of dumbbells.

Another great gift could be Cord Winders, little cute things yet useful are liked by many, When you have twisted wires and dealing with a lot of wires on your desk and bedroom, you can consider cute silicon binders for wires which do not entangle the wires keeping them safe and can be used in long run.

Love watching 3D movies and 3D video games, these cool high definition Prisma glasses can be a super funky gift liked by many. The high definition glasses provides the improved vision of the object to your eyes without disturbing the actual vision of the eyes. With this can play cool 3D video games and can watch 3D movies at home. If you have a home theatre system then these high definition glasses are going to be perfect and enjoyable moment and feel like being in theatre.

corporate gifts under 500

Personalized phone covers, personalized bottles, pens equally look great and gives the pride when inked your customers, clients name and given or could be even the company’s name and logo. Personalized duffel bags with company logo and name creates a value wherever taken the brand goes along. Pen stand with fancy or creative idols looks great as well.

Men’s kit, Leather purse and women kit, clutch or cute little appealing jewellery box, Ethnic versatile jewellery are yet another trendiest ideas for a gift that don’t burn a hole.

Cufflink Set adds elegance to men’s fashion when worn in style. Great designs can be found within or up to 500/- rupees


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It’s party time, crockery and cutlery sets play an important role, you can give barrel size beer cocktail /mocktail party mug of 780ml size.

Your clients and customers love travelling, sending your employees on a business trip adds value to their corporate working life. Gifting a digital luggage scale like keychain is another stylish and elegant choice and they shall thank you for it.

When you are busy and set in your work life mode, diary, task checklist, Notepad, Sticky notes with the magnet are certain things which are must haves and can be given as a gift under 500 rupees. Great fancy set of bookmarks, Mix calendar are also cute and yet useful things which makes your work easier.

More than the above you can buy cool gadgets just under 500 rupees like a Power bank a small pocket-sized device fits well in your palm and keeping your phone charged all time. Power banks come with USB Cable, USB port.

Mobile Stand along with a port charger that enables you to charge your mobile phone while kept in place wirelessly.

Keep your music swaying you with sweat-proof headphones and ear phones. They are not only awesome but pocket-friendly and great sound quality also goes easy on your outer ear with soft ear cushions. Compatible with all phones, Laptops and tablets. Wireless range supported, Built-in noise cancellation and great battery life.

Compact portable Bluetooth waterproof speakers with LED lights that can be carried anywhere you travel or go connect it with a USB output, It also has a built-in hands free call, Slot for Pen drive and memory card, FM radio Station listening to your all time fav music.

Earphone carrying case is another great choice -The best thing about this case is that it can easily be hooked up with bags, belts or even trousers. The outer cover is hard while the inside has a soft lining to cover and keep your earphones well protected.

LED Solar lamps are a handy travel companion, The LED Lamp is a solar powered lamp that lights up as soon as pulled out. A very innovative product. Bluetooth stereo sports headphones -This pair of headphones are durable, Sweat-proof and renders good sound quality.

USB LED Lights are like your desk lamps that are connected to your Computer via USB, LED display emitting white light

Water resistant Travel pouch is an excellent product with well-organized zip and space for products, One can easily store and keep important accessory in place, Like mobile, Battery bank/ power bank, Purse and Pen, Keys, charger, credit cards, Sunglass making work simple, easy and in one place.

Another great option is giving Pen drives which is a very useful option. There are diaries that come with attached Pen drive slot and a pen loop keeping all important things in place. This can be easily available in the pocket-friendly budget.

Mini Tripod with an included smartphone mount is perfect for v-logging or for people who record a lot of videos with their smartphone. The mini tripod can also be used as a selfie stick and will come in handy for stable images and videos if your hands are shaky.

To go along with that useful mini tripod is the mini mic for voice recording. It connects to your phone via the headphone jack and comes with a desktop mount. It has a 3.5mm output jack as well so that you can connect your headphones while recording an audio.

LED Colour changing Projector alarm clock is another unique product and awesome clock projector emitting colourful lights. With a rise in technology and liking for products Bluetooth rechargeable Fidget spinner are a great choice with a USB port, Speaker and can be connected through Bluetooth.

3 in 1 Cable charging wire are another useful thing which can be used for different type of USB ports to charge your smartphone or connect Laptop. They reduce and take less space of the desk and user friendly.