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Selfie stick with Bluetooth wholesale india

A selfie stick is an extendable rod over which you mount your smartphone or an Android device to click your photograph which could be a solo one or with a group. Nowadays selfie sticks have become an essential item in case of day to day selfies or the ones taken on trips. They help you capture the photograph without you having to extend your arm and they also have a couple of features that provide some comfort. Similarly, the Bluetooth technology is also in trend. It helps you get wireless and hence is popular. So we have selfie stick with Bluetooth connectivity as well. We deal with selfie stick with in-built Bluetooth.

wholesale Selfie stick indiaVarious models of selfie sticks are compatible with various smartphone models. All the selfie sticks do not have wired connections. Some selfie sticks can be connected to the Bluetooth as well. In this case, some sticks have a Bluetooth remote that has a button for power. You can connect the Bluetooth to the selfie and click the power button to take a photograph. The other type has a wireless remote into the stick handle. Comparing the wired and Bluetooth selfies, the latter are more convenient. We offer low price for bulk selfie stick in India.

bluetooth selfy stick wholesale indiaSelfie stick with Bluetooth is a trendy and ideal gift for all ages. You can also select it as a corporate or a promotional gift and customize it with your logo. You can place bulk orders for selfie sticks in various sizes and varieties. We are wholesale importers of selfie stick with Bluetooth remote in Mumbai.