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Promotional Sipper Bottles seem perfect in design and the sleek styles stay well in your backpack. While it works for the purpose of utility, it is also seen in alluring new colors that are perfectly great to add newness to your idea of accessorizing.

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Steel Sipper Bottles are quite popular among the youngsters and even among the working class. Being made up of steel, they are durable, rust and stain free and last longer with no health hassles. They come in various sizes, with a variety of sippers and in attractive shapes and designs. You have a lot of scope in color and prints too. We are steel sipper bottles suppliers in Mumbai.

Steel sippers have a variety of lids, sipper types and accessories like chains, covers, straps and belts too. They can be carried to the office, gym, picnics and for drives as well. Most of the designs are unisex and hence can be conveniently used by all the family members. Some steep sipper bottles are exclusively designed for sports persons while some have distinct feminine designs and colors.

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Aluminum Water Sipper Bottles  are used widely by various age groups. Aluminum bottles are lighter in weight and have the durability of metals. Most of them have a combination of aluminum and steel that makes them durable and long lasting. It could be aluminum exterior with interior steel body or vice versa. These are ideal to be used by sports and gym people but can be used for daily purpose as well. Aluminum bottles occur as sports bottles, gym sipper bottles, sipper bottles for casual use and so on. They come with various features like adjustable straps. They may have a removable or an attached stopper. Removable stoppers are recommended as they facilitate cleaning of the bottle. Sipper bottles are usually spill proof and hence can be used by kids and in offices as well. We are aluminum sipper bottle manufacturers in India. We supply aluminum water sipper bottles at wholesale prices in Mumbai. We are suppliers and importers of aluminum sipper bottles in India.

Unisex Sipper Bottles  can be used by men and women across various age groups. These occur in various designs, colors and are made up of plastic or metals. The designs are such that they can be used by men and women as well. Plastic sipper bottles are offered by local and well known brands. They occur in simple plastics as well as the BPA free varieties that have a slightly greater cost. In metal sipper bottles, you get the branded ones that are used for office and sports or gym purpose and you also get the local varieties. Unisex sipper bottles are a great idea as a personal or a promotional gift. As they are widely used, they are quite popular too. If you are planning to gift these bottles, you can place a bulk order with us. We provide sipper bottles at wholesale prices in India.We are wholesalers of unisex sipper bottles for gym and are fitness bottles dealers and suppliers in Mumbai.

Black Sipper bottles are popular for various reasons. Black color looks trendy in various designs of these bottles. Similarly, black color helps in retaining the temperature of water and juices in case of insulated and metal sipper bottles. Insulated bottle varieties of black sipper bottles have an interior metallic body and a vacuum insulation technology for temperature retention. We deal in black sipper bottles at wholesale prices in Mumbai.

The range and varieties have similar variation as in case of other sipper bottle variety types. Thus you have plastic and metallic sipper bottles in black color. The sipper can be an attached or sliding sipper that can be flipped or pushed by a slide button. Sipper bottles with locking facility provide prevention from leakage and spilling. Black color is often considered unisex and can be used by men, women and even by kids. We are black sipper bottles manufacturers in Mumbai and provide a range of variety in black bottles.

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