Universal power bank and portable charger for mobile phones

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Universal power bank is a portable charger or a rechargeable battery pack that you can carry with you. This helps you charge single or multiple devices like smart phones, tablets and iphones based on the capacity and design of the power bank. The capacity of these power banks ranges from around 2500 to 50000 mAh and the performance depends on the capacity. The power banks occur in various sizes, shapes and brands. Nowadays you get attractive designs and shapes that are portable and can be easily carried in the purse. They have built-in connectors of various types like micro USB, mini USB that help you connect your devices with a USB chord. We are external mobile charger and power bank supplier in Mumbai.

Universal power banks also occur in the solar type that can be recharged using solar energy and thus help in energy conservation. Some varieties of universal power banks are especially designed for cell phones while the high end ones can be used for high end devices. Certain types of power banks come with a protection for situations like extreme fluctuations in temperature, short circuits and also for over-charging.

This helps to protect the batteries and gives them a longer life. You can also get features like auto power off and LED indication for battery status. This is also safe for the devices that you charge. The power banks usually contain the Li-polymer battery that offers stability and long life. Other technical specifications that you can verify are the output voltage, output current and the compatibility with various devices.

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