Smart watch

The concept of smart watches is fast catching up and they are being bought in greater numbers today. A couple of years back however, this was a new idea and not many understood or valued the complementary role played by smart watches to their smart phones. Moreover, the market too did not have many visibly pleasing devices on offer and the ones available were also heavily priced. Women in particular did not find devices that would look good on their wrist even if they were willing to pay the cost for the models they liked. We are Wholesale smart watch dealers in India.
Today however, the scenario is distinctly different. Not only there are more models on offer but they are also competitively priced. Women too now have sizes and shapes that look very appealing on their wrist. There is better understanding about the role of smartwatches and why it makes sense to wear one.
For starters, those who have the best of smart phones are looking for something new to satisfy their craving for yet another tech device. They have seen the best of smart phone models and know how to get the best out of them.
However, they are also feeling at times the frustration of having to keep taking out their smart phones each time to look at notifications and to keep one of their hands occupied holding the device. The smart watch enables the user the luxury of just glancing at it to know about notifications and the user can respond at his convenience.
Another advantage is the huge saving of battery juice of the smart phone, due to its relative non usage. That is a major plus given how extensively the smart phone is being used today for not only communication but also for entertainment and gaming.
With the smart watch not only showing time but also notifications as well as the convenience of being able to control music listening, users find this device pretty tacky and useful. Yet another benefit is the smart watch showing fitness tracking parameters and monitoring them for the user. This again in today’s times is a feature that users find very nifty as they are able to quickly get real time stats about the calories they have burnt, distance walked and heart rate beat during various activities in the day.
Given the above facts, it is not surprising the smart watch is a wonderful gift item and as one of the leading smart watch suppliers in India of i5 plus smartband, you can contact us at the numbers below for bulk order requirements.